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August 2002 - Bristol Rovooahs v Swansea City
Bristol, despite the excellent region names 'fishponds' and 'horefields' and the quality food in the ground, always turns into a bit of a nightmare trip. Last season on the way there we learnt that the deal to oust Petty had fallen through and then when we finally got there we could find no pubs open and we lose 4-1. This year we lose once again and then the fucking otherwise excellent, G:Travel bus wouldn't start after the game meaning we didn't get back to Swansea until after the werewolfs had gone to bed.

The above said though, this trip did provide some amusing scenes including:
- the g:travel bus (what an eclectic range of clientel)
- the pub stop in the Hilton
- 1/2 price entry (yes I (24 years old) am under 16 as is JIffy (31) etc)
- Teddy's antics
- Sparks 'coming out'

Though G:Travel uses roads, it strives to keep a marine feel to proceedings, on this occasion it was 'submarine'

We arrive at the 5* Bristol Hilton...

...and are somehow allowed in and served even more booze

The Bristol Rovers guide shows us to our cage

The best views were to be had alongside the crows on top of the toilets

The force move in on this woman as she is sitting on top of the Mens toilets and not the Ladies

G:Travel coach about 2hrs after the game had ended

Jiffy and Bubbles take over Nomad's duties for the day