Next Game - Shrewsbury 5/4/03 (I think)
Yes, you've seen our ads on S4C and now welcome to our brand, spanking new website! G:Travel has been created to provide Jacks worldwide with an alternative, inexpensive means to travel to away games.

Yes, it is true, you no longer have to run the risk of being attacked by Krakens in your coracle and can now travel in luxury with G:Travel UK. Click on the links above to find what you are looking for or email us with any questions you may have.

Forthcoming trips - Rochdale
If you wish to reserve a place on the coach for this mouthwatering tie, do not email Slipon (leader of the 'Clawdd Gout Klan) but do e-mail Gary

G:Travel Anthems
Right click and 'save target as' on the songs below to hear some classic G:Travel songs:
Oi Mush
Rosamunde/Teddy's Song

Rumnigge Reviews
Karl Heinz reviews the wrexham trip

Please leave any feedback or questions you have on the guestbook

Please note: No Allbright to be consumed on board

No axes or weapons are permitted or needed on any G:Travel transporters as we use roads not waterways so won't encounter any krakens or other sea monsters