Walkabout Abertawe
After reading about what Swansea has to offer you will no doubt be counting the minutes before you too follow in the footsteps of a few and make the pilgrimage to the seaside mecca.

But before you pack the suncream and shotgun you should check out the links to the left as other wise you may find yourself being woken up by an urban cowboy in a Blaenymaes field and believe me you wouldn't want that!

This page is here to advise on what to see and where to go. The page will go constant updation so be sure to call back regulary and if you have visited some of the areas mentioned and are able to tell the tale, please leave a message on the board or email me.

Abertawe Abroad
I wasn't really sure where the exploits of the force abroad would fit in but I guess here is the 2nd worst place available.

Click on the links to the right to see some educating information and pictures on some of the many places that have had the honour of our company.

After blitzkreiging Turkey, Crete, New york, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Ireland and France in recent earth years, the next land to face the invasion of zod and co is Lex Luther's land, Australia in oct/nov so if you have any information send it to the links above. We want information, information, information....