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July 14th - Sleepinggiants.com v Janet
Below are some pics during the day history was made, the day scfcmorgs shook hands with old armitage armchairblue and the day JANET completed the first ever Swansea/Cardiff double.

Like the fixture at Morfa, it was another quality day out and one which I hope is never repeated as my legs cannot take it anymore!

Thanks to the CCFC lot for a good day and for the opportunity to take the pictures of Reeco in bandit mode below. Thanks also to Gareth, the Lord of Ynysforgan for taking most of the pics at Morfa and Cardiff aswell, may your lawns be free of bison.

Here is a picture taken by Police helicopter of the Jackarmy.net team coach at a ridiculous hour heading towards the Eastern Bloc

Reeco in full Swansea costume holding up 2 objects - something he was unable to do later in the day

We thought we arrived early but unbelievably Armchair Blue had got there before us!

scfcmorgs - hello armitage
armchair - hello morgs, fancy a duck?

Ever wondered how swans urinate?

Despite managing to walk past the bar, Gary was still late for the team photo

The first of 603 injuries of the day

Ciaron puts JANET ahead whilst Lee and Nomad pretend they are teapots

"Is there any point in playing the second half or what?"

Lee calls for the ball despite it being nearly as big as him

In a bid to keep the aggregrate score down, Wolf resorts to setting traps on the field

Reeco with the Billy Ayre Trophy and a perfect quiff (despite being in a Cardiff hospital for over 2hrs dressed in a full Swans kit)

Wolf and Nomad's reactions to Arfon's fine locks

Despite losing, the Bluebirds were still popular with this greyhound

Reeco with the only break he made all day


July 14th - Janet v Sleepinggiants.com
The reason for the past 5 weeks of physical abuse and deprivation finally came yesterday as the JANET squad took on their Eastern Bloc rivals in typical Landore weather at the Morfa Stadium, Swansea.

I'm glad to anounce that the 5 weeks worth of alcohol craving and the many days of Stephen Hawkings esq walking was all worth while as JANET were victorious by 4 goals to 1.

To see a report of the game go to www.jackarmy.net or www.sleepinggiant.com, to see some pictures of the day and a picture of Swansea's answer to Lou Ferrino watering his drainpipe scroll below.

The best way to demonstrate how to operate a camera is to take a picture of a mirror and a hairdryer - always

15 Swans fans and 15 Cardiff fans on the same field with no Heddlu around and not a baseball bat or uzi 9mm in sight!

Little Lee shortly after scoring the opener and shortly before being taken out by Cyril the Swan for doing so

Through fear of constant pitch invasions from legions of Korean and Peru fans wanting his autograph, Steve Edwards was left on the bench

If attempting to decaputate our goalscorers wasn't enough, Cyril then took to the field and promptly missed all goal scoring opportunites that came his way

Whilst the game was important, it was the off-the-field 'best walking stick in South Wales' competition between Armchair and Dave H which captivated most peoples attention and which was perhaps the cause for our below par performance. Here we see Reeco tell the players to keep their eyes off the sticks and on the ball

Though Dave had a strong challenge in the walking stick competiton, he pissed 'South Wales Shiniest Shoes' competition and with ease

Nomad reminds us that Cardiff have scored a goal

Nev, Nige and Wolf discuss hair products as Armitage continues the search for the ear-less scfcmorgs

Cyril manages to join in the victory celebrations without injuring anyone else in our team

SBF1 with the Harry Griffiths trophy

The landlord of the Room at the Top tunes into the Sky Sports highlights of the game

MIke on the phone either to Eric Hall or the Darlington Diesel Crew

Once again, the best form of the day was shown in the bar afterwards...

...with nomad shining once again

On the eve of the single most important game in the history of soccer, the tats are out and the gutter is cleaned

Many more pics of the day to come, please return soon or email me if you have any specific request


July 2nd - Janet v The Swansea World All Stars
The first friendly game ahead of the game against the dwarfs from the Eastern Bloc saw us take on a group of talented refugees and top blokes from the Eastern Bloc and from Africa, Turkey and other places collectively known as the Swansea World All Stars.

In a close, enjoyable game in conditions which threatened to ruin Reeco's mighty quiff, we eventually run out winners by about 12 or 16 goals to 2.

Here's hoping for a similar result against the dwarfs...

Little Lee did his best to destroy us before the game had even started

The two teams share a shower before the game

Nick Cusack turned up to see what was happening but foolishly left before the game started and missed out the chance to sign AAJ as cover for Roger Freestone next season

The SWAS captain congratulates the ref on his first half performance

Victory - but only just

Our transport home


June - Janet Training Session #5
Some pics taken during our 5th session. Please note that everyone is standing up in these pics (some even without aid from a walking stick) which can only be good news I guess.

The training session attracted another huge crowd...

and the obligatory spy from the Eastern Bloc

This shot was taken 24 minutes into the session and how times have changed - everybody is still standing up

AAJ shortly before deflecting the ball between the posts again

Draper skins the entire opposition again

Dave displays his Irish esq penalty skills


June 2nd - Jack Army.net Training
Earlier today at the famous arena of Trallwn Park, the world witnessed the Jack Army.net team's first training session ahead of their forthcoming fixture against their Eastern Bloc counterparts, Sleepinggiant.com.

Here ares some pics taken by the Patagonia Daily Mail who, like many other papers from around the world, will be featuring THE session in a 16 page spread.

The infamous Trallwn arena shortly before playing host to THE session. Notice the lush, smooth playing surface.

After 3.28 minutes - 'My gut hurts'

After 9.4 minutes - 'I can't walk'

It's just like watching Brazil...

One of our subs pictured scoring at previous warm up game

The best form was displayed in the bar afterwards. Here we see some of the lads who stayed behind indulging in the dietary plan