swansea from a giant's shoulders
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What is this homeboy?
This site is about Swansea, the earth's most popular tourist resort and the infamous ugly lovely town or pretty
shitty City.

The aim of this site is to educate the viewer in a way no other site can. You should find info on where exactly this hive is located, what goes on here and various other well researched things such as a guide to getting inebriated and the legend of the Penclawdd Cockle Monsters.

The site is still many moons from completion so either join the updates/swansea debate mailing list by going here or add the link to your favourites and be sure to check back at least once ever Thursday evening or else face the wrath of General Bob Slipon Zod!

Please direct all criticisms and abuse and offers of free water bison to the feedback page or email me here or at the very least please sign the guestbook and let us know how wonderfull or wank this site is. I thank you!

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Disclaimer: This website is based on a fictional place thought up after a particularly heavy laverbread downing session with a bearded man of shellfish descent. Any resemblence to real places or people is purely coincidental and our profound aplogies and sympathies are offered to anyone demented enough to be offended.

If you wish to use any image, article or otherwise, you must ask our permission. We hold copyright on the majority of the images and articles contained on this website, so please consider your legal options prior to copyright violations.

Worms Head: The birthplace of the General Bob Slipon and about the length of my sword

Ariel view of Shell Harbour more commonly known to locals as the Marina/MaritimeQuarter

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