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Sandfields/Swansea South West Pub Guide
Fortunately the area around the Vetch is jam packed with pubs so you need not have to endure a Swans game sober as even if you are a home fan, away fan, alcoholic, part time worker in Hyper Value or just a council pop (water) drinker you should find a public house suitable for you.

The views expressed below are those of the individual contributer and can be altered if you have sufficient funds. Aswell as this page, you may want to check out the Wind St and Mumbles Mile guides as some of the performances are really that bad.

The Potters Wheel, Kingsway
A typical Wetherspoons outlet and probably the cheapest pub within five minutes of the Vetch but the landlords a fucking eagle coot and doesnt appreciate people drinking Wine outside and going behind the bar. From what I recall - pre-ban- the place was nearly always full from about 1.5hrs before the game and there was always a good atmosphere. Not recommended for away fans - especially after Bristols City's visit last season where they decided to turn up 6 weeks before kick off and smash the windows much to the bemusement of the OAP's and students inside.

The Singleton, ?
This place is generally a lot quieter in comparison to the Gari (situated opposite) and tends to attract more families and scarfers. Good for a quick bottle but doesn't have the atmosphere the Gari has. Having said that though - and despite the doorman - I would not recommend this place to away fans as it is too close for comfort and if you saw the mob that usually congregates outside the Gari on matchdays you wouldn't want to risk it unless of course your Jedi Master or handy with the Rice Flails.

The Garibaldi, ?
One of the best pubs north of Cape Town - excellent pint of lager and mad as fuck! How many other bars are there on earth where an hour before kickoff you find yourself watching Thunderbirds on mute whilst avoiding a massive alsation under the table and listening to Green, green Grass of Home? On matchday this pub plays host to a true cross-section of the Swansea community ranging from Old men who remember when Israeli internation Jesus played against the Swans in a pre-season friendly through to Lou Ferrino types in Stone Island jumpers. Quite often you will also see the guy in the pic above ranting about the Incas of Peru and the Spanish Amarda to anyone who'll listen and drinking water from an ash tray - which not even the wild dogs would drink. Not recommended for away fans on matchdays but worth checking out as this place is Swansea at it's best!

The Clarence, Williams Street
Situated opposite the Club Shop (well converted living room of a terraced house selling a few items of Swansea related merchandise) this place is popular with families and Dai average fan before the game and programme sellers during the game. Safe enough for away fans on most games but best avoided on 'big match days' or if you happend to support one of our local rivals.

The Swansea Jack, Oystermouth Road
I've never been in here on a matchday as it's a bit of a trek from the Northbank so I can't really give an accurate review except to say, like most pubs the City side of the ground, it's not really recommended for away fans.

The Builders
Home to the majority of the Swansea internet community, MAGS and Supporters Trust types. This is a family pub which I'm told serves good food and provides a warm welcome to away fans. However, the bar prices aren't too welcoming and the 'Fever Pitch' esq conversations can bring you down before the team have had their chance to do so.

The New Wyndham
Review to come

The Pantygwyder Hotel
Review to come

The Brooklands Hotel
Review to come

The Westbourne, St Helens Road
This pub is home to the best pint of Carling in Swansea but also one of the biggest, miserablest twanges of a landlord too. Worth going to for an early pint(s) (whilst you can still taste what you're drinking) before heading down to one of the more atmospheric pubs near the ground.

The Wig and Pen
Review to come

The Baye View, Oystermouth Road
Review to come

The Tredegar
Review to come

The Bond Street Club
Review to come

Abertawe Alehouse, Oystermouth Road
Review to come

The Robin Hood, Beech Street
Review to come

The St Helens Arms
Situated just up the road from the Badminton and near to the Away end, I have never actually been in here due to it being the 'wrong side' of the ground but from what I've heard this is another pub where visiting supporters have enjoyed a drink prior to seeing their team routed 17-4..

The Badminton
Usually safe for away fans and is located quite close to the away entrance. However, be warned, a mob of dodgy Millwall fans famously once came a cropper in here when a group of local nutters heard about their antics and paid them a visit, giving them a de-tour back to London via Morriston Hospital.

The Glamorgan, Oystermouth Road (Away Fans)
The Glamorgan is the designated pub for away fans so if you find yourself returning back from whence you came with the addition of some natural face make up then you have South Wales Police Force to thank. In all serious though, this place is quite safe for away fans to enjoy a drink and banter before the game, is close to the car park and away end and has just been taken over by new owners so by the time your team plays at the Vetch this place will probably be right up there with the Met Bar.

The Sea Beach, Oystermouth Road
Review to come