Immense scenes!
These are the photos they all wanted! I'm sure 'Hello', 'Ok' and 'Anglers Mail' would have paid literally thousands for these pics but thanks to Chez, I paid nothing!

If the truth is to be known, we are not entirely sure whether or not this is Tea Cosie Pete's castle or not but whoever resides here is deserving of the utmost respect from the masses and from architects and home designers world wide. Changing Rooms can but dream of producing a home of this calibre!

Personally I do not believe this to be belonging to the Teabagster for 2 reasons: a) I have never seen and do not believe Tea Cosie Pete uses conventional supermarket trolleys as part of his work and b) I think he lives closer to the Quadrant and Kingsway where most of his work is undertaken so the search shall continue.....

Despite being surrounded by flash cars and expensive apartments the mysterious individual favours the nomadic qualities of the tent/trolley combination favoured by the infamous tesco tribe of indians who roamed the plains of Blaenymaes a few weeks ago.

£55 a night with Marina views in the Marriot Hotel or a blue/brown tent with views of the promenade and dogshit?

The tent/trolley combo usually comes with a long drainpipe which the tribes use to joust with to determine territory. Basically this involves finding a large supermarket carpark, waitng till dawn, lineing up against your fellow land contender then pushing the trolley at speed towards him before mounting it after 10 yards and then trying to joust your opponent off his trolley with the drainpipe. This is repeated until someone admitts defeat by saying 'mercy' 32 times.

Thanks to Chez for the pictures!