30 July 2001
A day spent on the bay which provides Swansea with it's comparisons to Naples produces some interesting results:

We arrived at our chosen spot to find a neatly folded suit and shirt and tie. We thought at first that we had discovered Teabag's wardrobe but then this old gentleman came shivering towards us in his red Speedos and began to read an old copy of the EP. Behind him you can see a good cross section of Swansea citizens including 2 smartish ladies, a woman with a walking stick and the sand castle champion of Brecon East. Unfortunately the townie girl who waded up to her waist in the sea whilst still sporting her adidas trackie bottoms 'meesh' is out of shot.

Despite there being a pier nearby these individuals chose to attempt to catch this weeks Sunday lunch by fishing in the townie in tracksuit bottoms/floating dog turd infested water of the open bay.

2 great lovers of fish and successful anglers.