22 July 2001
This is probably one of the more surreal incidents to be witnessed at 3.57 in the afternoon.

When I walked past First Sport at around 3.48 to go to Marks & Sparks the area was as congested and full as one would normally expect at that time on a normal Sat afternoon but when I came out of Marks at around 3.56.98 a large crowd had gathered. At first I thought General Zod had decided to show off his lego collection to the public again but was pleasantly suprised to see a man with a strange hat on devouring a long, black... er balloon to organ sounds generated by another man with with a ferret moustache and strange hat on.

To add to the amusement all of this was taking place in the centre of the road and after a while a council van came up the road to find his path blocked by an organist, a man eating a balloon and a crowd of degenerates. Don't suppose his workmates wil believe his excuse for being late with the tea.

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