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September 2003 - Yeovil v Swansea City
Well after the explosive start to the season where it seemed on times like we were going to piss the league with ease, the Swans finally returned to the kind of play we've come to expect by going down 2-0 to last year's conference champions Yeovil Town.

Despite the game though it was another cracking trip and a first for g:travel as 2 coaches of Swansea's finest travelled (and broke down) under it's banner.

Roll on the next trip

The bus intentionally breaks down by Newport so the passengers can water the plants

Who gives a fuck if the bus breaks down as long as we may LOADS of money! ;-)

The dog seemed unhappy when we found him

.So was liberated and taken to a nice new home (well as far as Wind St anyway)

The Swans were soon 1-0 down and Gary had soon left the ground

A reminer of the Swans performance on the day

The police recognising just how crap the Swans played, took pity and let us past their Millwall esq. road block

Teddy makes friends with some of the locals shortly after we were ejected from the Sponsors Lounge for asking where the fire exit was

The 2 g:travel busses in a familiar stationary mode - not because we had broken down again but because a certain coach organiser chose to travel home on the train......

Probably influenced by the wooden dog, Slee decides to maul the ligaments off the remains of Griff's chicken

Griff and Bubbs shortly after their planned 'battering' of Sparks

These next few pics are nothing to do with Yeovil really but the site of Slipon in full flow is a rare occurence so needs to be included somewhere.

Us with Bez of Happy Mondays fame. I didn't think I'd ever be able to say this but I think I look cleaner off it than he does!

Us with some woman who looked important but none of us have a clue who the fuck she was!

Contary to popular belief, we didn't meet Bez etc at the Dunvant Male Voice Choir performance but backstageish at the Electric Six gig in the Patti. Can someone please tell me how the gig went?

Me absolutely smashed shortly before having to get up to catch the bus to Yeovil