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September 2002 - Wrexham v Shambles City
The events of the day have been well covered on the JANET board so there is no need for me to waste valuable sperm whale fighting time and repeating them here but suffice to say it will be a day long remembered by all concerned. I just wish I could use more of the 174 pictures taken but we need players for the next game and they are no good to us behind bars (steel bars that is).

Once again the day started off with a Sizzles breakfast

Reeco & Slipon react to the fantastic, extended 'highlights' of the Swans 0-0 draw with Liverpool in 1991 video

Slipon somehow managed to change his clothes from black to green and jump on the tractor in front of us

This photo does the groundsman no justice at all. He must have spent years making the pitch an exact replica of a Bosnian land mine field but in the pic above it looks level.

.Our 4 subs weighed more than the entire Wrexham side put together

Shane retires from play after approximately 3 lunges, 2 elbows, 4 ribcharges and 1.54 minutes of coming on

Bomber the guide from Bristol Rovers, directs us to the venue of yet another defeat for the Swans

Murph informs us that the Swans are 1 down whilst the guy behind him in the Swans cap, Tranmere shirt and leather trousers wonders just what the fuck he was thinking of when he dressed himself.

Troy gets nicked and taken to the local mental hospital after informing the force that he had travelled for over 32hrs to reach this game

G's reaction to the news that the bus had broken down for the 2nd trip running because a giant squid had attacking the engine and that it was going to take us 9hrs to get home

Jiffy demonstrates how he intended to woo Ruth when he got home.

Hands up if your right ear smells of poached fox

Mad Mike on the pull #1 - unsuccessful as the beast didn't get on the bus back with us and returned to her cave

Mad Mike on the pull #2 - victory!

Jiffy realises that his wooing technique will never work so prepares for a night on the streets with Teabag whilst Teddy's ear still smells of poached fox