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October 19th Swansea v Southend
This will be a day long remembered, Swansea actually won a game! I bet Real Madrid and Total Network Solutions are quaking now!

Reeco slams the breaky down in record time but still has time to pull this jib

SwansDaveh's reaction to yet another piss poor breakfast performance from Gareth

Wearing black jumpers and caps and standing on Townhill pointing towards Mumbles all day was a tempting propisition but in the end we all decided to go to the Vetch instead.

The Builders Arms - There'll be No Killer Pool to be played here

Adolph drops in for a quick pint

Totally unSwans like, Thomas scores a goal which actually gained us some points

The Swans revert back to their usual form and a 20 man brawl ensures

Normally these 2 have the right idea by sitting outside the Vetch and drinking various liquids but not yesterday