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March 5th Shrewsbury v Swansea
The game itself was absolutely abysmal and I don't think my demented dog would have looked out of place on the pitch.

However, it was the off pitch incidents which made this one of the most memorable trips I have been on and which has propelled Shrewsbury Town and especially Gay Meadow in my top 34 places of places to see. The main reason? The Giant who stood motionless behind the Home terrace staring at the dwarf refereee.

The journey there saw us go through places and past pubs who must have got their names after a particulary hard session with the Wild Bunch at High Street Station. 'Monkland' and 'The Cock Hotel' indeed!:

This photo of 'Breakfast 1' at Sams Cafe is for the benefit of Reeco

For the benefit of Teddy's boss at Count Hall

This was my Smoky Burger but was apparently changed into an exact replica of Gaynor, Teddy's ex flame's face

The infamous giant and the dwarf ref (probably from Cardiff) who shit himself upon seeing the giant and wouldn't come back out for the 2nd half

Upon realising that the game was boring most of the away fans, Cyril decides to help our financial situation by storming the home end in Rourkes Drift fashion

'Attempted souvenier #1 Monkland Boarding Kennels and Cattery sign

Rupert is given a chinese burn on his foot after refusing to come back with us

After failing to defeat any signs, a bag of sand is defeated and taken back to Swansea Bay