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30/9/01. Kidderminster 0 Peter Nicholas' Swansea City 2
When the fixture list came out in early summer this game was circled as a must due to fact that ex Swansea boss and Danish round boy Jan Molby is in charge there and that the place is only a few hours away which means breakfast in the pub and a good few jars, bottles of wine and gallons of meths to and from the game.

Although I did actually watch the game on this occasion I cannot be arsed to write another report as there are already millions on the web and I think the pictures below are probably explain enough anyway. One thing I would say though, is their keeper is a fucking twange and is very lucky that Swans fans have the aim of Stevie Wonder and that John Lowe, Fatima Whitbread and Eric Bristow were not in our end or else he would have had a good few pound in coins and quite a few bottles protruding from his head this morning.

Below are some pics of the day, more to come later this week.

The Response from BIG Dai D when told "the Swans are going to win 2-0 today" by mystic me

The creator of the best £3 breakfast in Swansea and a pic which will no doubt reappear on jiffy's bedroom wall under my favourite place

Jiffy at 11.02am before we even left Swansea

Walter Boyd although the majority of the time crap, left a lasting impression on some Swans fans

An artistic picture of a piss stop

The effects of having unprotected sex with 46 wasps

The 2nd goal goes in and Cheesey takes the opportunity to announce that following the lack of red love lately that he is going to be a queen, much to thornes delight.

Some of the 600 odd Swans fans who were spectacles and some who don't and some flags aswell

Something in a steel container that doesn't contain cat or pigeon
Cheesey confirms to the coppers that we scored 2 goals

The viaduct pub which was packed with Jacks and which had a load of mouthy kids hanging around outside until Sparkes warned them that if they didn't go away he would "butt fuck them until their sphictors ripped"
The shock of winning and the shepherds pie & booze had various effects

In honour of our victory in the 'black country' roberts displays his afro-caribbean style rug purchased from Allied Carpets