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February 2004 - Mansfield v Swansea City
Well this will be a day long remembered for the travelling hourdes not least because the actually match itself was postponed due to crowd trouble in Mecca. Unfortunately/fortunately, the game wasn't called off until the g:travel's intergalactic
bus was 20 minutes from Mansfield so an executive decision was made to go on the jazz instead......

After getting to bed a mere 3hrs earlier, we are called to prayers at 5.11am

This guru told us the game was going to be called off but nobody believed him

Wolfback greets the news that the game is called off by exposing his rug

whilst squash legend Jahingir Khan greets news of the abandonment in conventional fashion

11.02am and already the scene is set....

Let's go all the way to Mansfield just to sleep dudes

The Swans were soon 1-0 down and Gary had soon left the ground

After a few light ales, the Swansea contigent abley directed by local boy Bomber Seavers make their way to the days main event

Undoubtedly the finest sporting event to have ever taken place in Mansfield

The loosehead position proved too much for Gary 'One Way' Evans

Rissole befriends the key people of Mansfield....

...whilst Griff does his best to remain verticle

With no one left remaining who knew the number of Bunnies, Bomber took it upon himself to provide the strip show

Let's go all the way to Mansfield just to sleep dudes

Leon Britton discovers that the Dunvant isn't the best place ot go on a Sunday afternoon for a quiet moose

The best intergalactic rock band to ever have appeared in the Office at 9.03pm on Sunday February 2nd