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February 12th Swansea v Kidderminster
After Saturday's excess at orient I decided to have an easy one tonight and as a special early valentines treat decided to take the piece.

This was the first game I have seen competely sober since my days attending Bishop Vaughn School in uptown Clase under the guidance of Mr 'the eagle' Perry, Councillor Ioan 'get to the front of the class and stand on a chair with your nose touching the blackboard son' Richards, Mr 'hockey stick/bullet neck' Jones and the other maniacs who claimed to be teachers. Though the Swans won the game 2-1, this will hopefully be the last game I see completely alcohol free for another 8 years as my camera battery died (so only 2 pics tonight) and the game wasn't pretty.

I won't bother writing a report as everything has been covered on the usual sites already but my conclusion is that we are not going to be suffering from vertigo this season. I suppose I'm just glad we are suffering at all as it wasn't long ago that the cockney, tached dwarf nearly ended our very existence!

Rome was not built in a day...

The view from the £13 entry East stand is very pretty...by day

I couldn't work out why the ground staff from Hibernian were in attendance once again and why Jan Molby was wearing green shorts when his team play in red. Poll - who would bounce more if you dropped from the top of Swansea Castle a) Jan Molby or b) Peter Nicholas? Register your vote on the board here