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January 22th 2002 - Bristol Rovers and the Ref v Swansea City
Today was probably the worst day I have had following Swansea City in my earthly career. It started off well with news that a big following of Jacks was expected in the City with area names such as 'Fishponds' and 'whorefields' but after 2 swift pints in the Bryn-y-mor it all started to go wrong.

First up was the bad news that a certain, untoxicated individual put £25 worth of diesel in his motor instead of unleaded and would not be attending the game and then less than 1hr after this with us all still feeling gutted for Mr R was the news that the deal to sell the club to Griffen was off!

This announcement - added to the fact that I was busting for a slash - ruined the day and any enthusiasm we had for the game was gone. Things then deteriorated rapidly when after we found a place to park we discovered that the only pub we knew of close to the ground had had its doors locked and no-one was allowed in.

Me and hair #1 tried in vain to find another pub and eventually after being quizzed by the Police as to why we were walking around aimlessly we joined the rest of the Swansea fans in the ground paying only £5.50 for the privelidge as we went in the wrong entrance and somehow got mistaken for wither OAP's or under 16's.

The Swans dominated the first half of the game but somehow went into the dressing room at half time 2-0 down. To add to our woes aswell was the non appearance of Cyril in the second half. I thought at first that Addison may have told him to warm up or something but he was no where to be seen. I can only presume that the ref could tolerate being abused by 500 Jacks but not bya 9ft fake Swan aswell sopordered for his removal.

The game finished 4-1 and in fairness to rovoooaahhhs they dominated the second half and if we had had a mere mortal in goals instead of Roger then they could have won by 6 or 8 goals. On the way out of the ground I overheard some Rovers fans saying that their hat trick hero was due to be sold the next day for 4.1 million which made me think about the ridiculous amount we got for Stuart Roberts and how Mos Eisley Space Port is run better than SCFC.

To cap the day off completely, when I got back to Swansea I discovered that the reprobates from the Eastern Block's game was being featured in a 1hr long special on HTV (see letter below) and that the 'old girl was taping it for me'. The video looks good in the garden but I don't think smashed glass does a lot for keeping the room warm.

7.43pm The nightmare is about to get worse...

Where was Cyril in the second half? why was he not playing up front?

Most of the first half was played in front of the Rovers fans with the Swans attacking....

But then the ref decided to get involved and after setting up a penalty the game took a turn for the worse for the travelling Jacks

Highlight of the day but still not a patch on Kiderminsters fare

Half time - I wish I was in Antarctica

The response to 'what do you think of Bristol and Tony Petty'?

Some Swans in the Enterprise Park - Nothng to do with the
Bristol Rovers game