Operation de Paris 14.6.01 - 17.6.01
Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triumph, the Louvre, frogs legs, snails, royal families, revolutions, romance, french francs - no thanks!

2 cans of Stella at 12.30pm... many more follow... Zod arrives in waterloo... futile to ask him for money says the tramp so fucks off for a poo... a few more jars with whalebelly too followed by many more on the Eurostar... Navy Seals boost the ranks to 5... zod suffers a flesh wound after a plastic cup attack... the locker rooms of Gaurd de Nor... straight on the jazz to Pegal... 5 fucking quid a pint... the price is soon forgotten by all except for slipster who is still gutted about losing blood...

That's all that is recalled from day one. When the brain cells recover from the alcohol poisoning more shall be added.

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A deserted Paddington signals the arrival of General Zod. Zod impresses the Navy Seals with the scar he gained from a plastic cup attack.
The reaction to news that alcohol in Paris isn't as cheap as that in the Potters Wheel in downtown Swansea.. The effect of drinking alcohol in the quantities one normally would if it was Potters Wheel prices.
Slipon is chuffed as he has once again evaded paying out for a round whilst shane launches the David Romo enquiries... "David who???" The French kojak replies to Shane's question of "do you know David Romo?"
"Is this place for real? How come nobody knows David Romo?" snarls Shane "At last, somebody who knows David Romo!" Or maybe he's another queen.
Napoleon Mcdonald shortly before being called a 'c**t' by a member of the party who was unimpressed by the kilt & Napoleon esq. jacket he was sporting. The Seals and Shanus celebrate Slipon putting his hand in his pocket in true Nixon style.

The big JR's reaction after paying #23 for 1 round....the 27th round of the night

Shane's ankle after 18hrs of intense consumption
"Smile now Shane because you won't be when you eventually realise that I, Bob Slipon, have fleeced you once again!"  
A white fluid on the face. This type of scene was to be repeated later that evening... "Kisses & cuddles" it says on the General's grits, this underwear is very popular in the Townhill region.
Wahey it's the monkeeys! Oh, and some brown gibbon/baboon type thing A happy coincidence. We unexpectadly bump into Ray, Zod's mum, in Paris Zoo
No gentlemen, you do not blend in with the giraffes hmmm theres some meat on those 3 obese Welsh bastards
Rob Rambo: "Don't push me!" "no Zod, I wont give you a ride into town. Buy a bus ticket you tight bastard!"
After paying 40 francs to get in Zod expected value for his money. Here we see elephant, vulture, cockeral and kangaroo.  
Our accomodation whilst in Paris Oystermouth Road on a quiet Tuesday evening.