Abertawe Abroad
Here you will find some of the better, publishable pictures taken during our travels. Be sure to keep checking back as the Cardiff cretins don't call us 'gypo's' for nothing - we are always on the move. Unlike our Eastern block friends we avoid the 2 weeks in Porthcawl style holiday and try to see as many different places as possible and the pictures taken during these jaunts will appear here.

Oz 2001 - Some of the printable pictures taken during the Arfon Haines Davies Roasting Tour Down Under 2001can be seen here.

Jackman journeys downunder! Click here for some pics taken Jackman's tour

Mullered in Malmo 2000
The General Bob Slipon Zod trying to cover his baldness with a fake, metal trumpet.
Arseholed in Amsterdam 1998
If ever there was a picture that sums up Amsterdam then this is it. The only thing missing is the jazz cigarettes.

Cunted in Copenhagen 2000
The first of the five nights on the piss which effectively ruined Janniks hopes of seeing the Swans last season
Hitler's Erection, Berlin 2000
I don't think Hitler would have been too impressed to see us eating chille cheese sandwiches on top of his Olympic Bell Tower.

Wankered in Waterford 2001
The General Bob Slipon Zod and Richard Gomez performing that bloody New Year's song I can't remember the name of.
Anchorage Guest House, Waterford 2000
Probably not the best or cheapest B&B but worth makinggoing to for the Basil Fawlty esq hotel owner alone! Funny as ferk!

Oscar Wilde, Dublin 2000
One of the more amusing monuments/statues I've seen during my travels. Makes Oscar Wilde look like a right, lazy c***
New Yoke City 2000
A spur of the moment trip to New York saw us book a hotel in harlem by mistake and measure ourselves against the tall buildings.