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April 20th - Jack Army.net End of Season Celebrations
I am still too destroyed to write anything here except for avoid cockles and laverbread!

The Welsh breakfast was wolfed down by the quiffmeister....

...but made into a replics of Swansea Bay seabed by me

"Will you help me kiss"

Some Swansea nutters and 2 Belgian nutters who travelled from Kortijk to watch Swans play Torquay??? TOP BLOKES!

2 tattoo's and 2 felt tip drawings by Nomad's girlfriend

Swansea Male Maternity Roadshow at the Mel Nurse Bar

Griff with Glam Rock star Dai Goldenshower prior to his half time gig

2 pints downed in less than 2 minutes gained even Jesus' (bottom left pic) approval..

...and was given it's rightfull salution by all who viewed the event..

...except for the barmaid who was for some reason furious with me taking pictures of her clearing up a customers vomit

Who is this woman and why do I have a picture of her?

Nothing to do with the Swans and taken a few days ago but suitable for use on this page