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April Fools Day Rushden & Diamonds v Swansea
Yes, after Saturday's defeat v Lutonstan, perhaps we were fools to travel all the way to Rushden to watch the Swans pit their skills against Rushden and Diamonds but ale consumption was on the cards so it had to be done.

After a 3hr plus journey and 2 pub stops before we reached the ground and with the alcohol consumption beginning at 8am, I do not remember too much of the game but can only presume by the 4-0 rout that the Swans played against both Rushden and the Diamonds at the same time.

Despite the scoreline, this has to rank as one of the best away trips ever with the day being remembered for amongst other things, the following events:
— the fire onboard the minibus
— the little jamaica at the back of the bus
— the ginger nut/rich tea biscuit fight onboard the minibus
— the aquiring and dismantling of 2 furry rabbits
— the smartest, crapest, yellowest, jamaicanest car in the UK
— the "Ralf, Ralf, hanging from a tree" song
— the coal fight in the pub
— the scrum in the pub
— the arfon distibution everywhere
— the "let's pretend we scored a goal" chant
— "umbro"
— nomad sleeping again
— and a lot, lot more i can't remember

The remnants of the biscuit wars keep Arfon company at the front of the minibus

Brian with 1 of the 2 additions to the group

The 2 new additions didn't really fit in so were promptly ripped to pieces....

drugged and....

and hanged out of the window...

the Lilt mobile

the Lilt Man and piece close up

Arfon, the mangled bunny and the Lilt mobile all in 1 pic!!! No doubt this will be made into wallpaper and be sold in B&Q soon

Arfon is distributed to a local whale

Arfon is distributed to more local whales

Teddy proves he is in fact Eddie Hitler by doing an exact reinaction of the closing dance despite being covered in coal

Despite Arfon and coal being used to redecorate their pub, the bar staff still took this pic of us

The only action seen before the discovery that the game was on tv at the bar behind the stand

"Lyn, Lyn give us a grin"

The remains of the Bunnies were to good use

Nomad in typical pose