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October 12th Oxford Utd v Swansea / Oxford v JANET
The JANET side kept their 100% record alive with a 4-3 victory over an Oxford side with a higher percentage of Welsh people than the City of Stalingrad and the Swans once again returned to the ocean bed of the entire football league after a 1 finned turtle like second half performance at the 3 sided Kasaam Stadium, Oxford. But at least

Reports of both matches can be seen on the Swansea and Oxford Rivals site but a few pics of the day and night can be seen below. Bubbles and the faint-hearted, you may not want to bother seeing them all...

Steve 'Star Trek' Edwards suprisingly didn't bring his tropical fish to Oxford

After giving us a 6hr tour through the Blackbird Leys council estate and various other touristy parts of Oxford, the Chips wannabe on the bike finally takes us to the venue of the JANET v Oxford fans game....

Auswich Oxford was the chosen venue for the fans game. Unfortunately/fortunately, the showers in our changing room didn't work but at least there was a fence behind the goal I guess which is more than can be said for the Kasaam Stadium.

The vodka's with orange didn't help the team's performance one bit.

Shane is caught off his line and Oxford equalise

Midway through a great debut performance Mabs does his knee in and is forced to spend the afternoon in Oxford Hospital. After the Swans performance in the 2nd half, I think many of the 500 Swans fans at the game would have swapped position with him.

Mumford causes yet another insurance claim with his Neil jenkins esq free kick

I should have known the moment this squirrel ran away from Troy's nuts in Vienna last week that the Swans were going to lose today

Gail's choice of music resulted in some strange dancing

Mark's 'dancing' failed to impress the locals

Captain Hook (far right) was also unimpressed with the dancing and turned greyer and greyer as the evening went on

Bubbles pool cue guitar also failed to impress the locals

Everyone still standing at 6.48pm

It is not advisable to scroll any further, especially if you have just eaten omlette or if your name is 'Bubbles' or 'Griff'







Oxford is introduced to Sam's breakfasts

The first picture of Griff modelling Timberland's 'Sunshine Bus Desert Safari' range of clothing. 2 more pics to come...

Timberland's 'Sunshine Bus Desert Safari' range comes with free bag of brown spew camoflauge to apply to suit conditions

Seizing the moment, Kelvin sees what he would look like with a Mick Hucknall wig

Bubbles, being a part-time Spurs fan, would be horrified with this 'gift'