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February 9th Leyton Orient v Swansea
After consuming 5 bottles of San Miguel and 2 cans of Stella before the time most cockerals usually have breakfast and then continuing the intake til 11.56pm, I couldn't write a match report if I wanted to-(which I don't) and do not remember too much of the day apart from having a free baguette in the first pub we went to in London and discovering that most Tottenham fans are reprobates who live miles from 'no foreskin lane', so just gaze lovingly at the pictures below.

The only horse in the world that I like and the influence behind the 76ft aardvark I painted on my neighbours lawn this morning

We arrive in Paddington and are suprsingly are able to stand. This picture was taken by Osama Bin Laden.

MMMMMMMMMMM - A nice place to have a lie in on a saturday

Shane and Phil on the tube to Leyton with obligatory booze. This shot was taken moments after I had been rib charged so isn't the best.

Another unknown is signed up on a 6 year contract for the Swans

'Kum Vision' - Superb name for a shop

Suprisingly this isn't the interior of 'kum Vision' or one of Slipon's places of worship (a porno shop), but is the interior of the Coach & Horses public house. And no, that bloke in the white top is not a pimp either.

Brisbane Road / Match Room Stadium whith a large erection in the background.

Hands up if you race ferrets

Christ knows how I managed to take this shot of Mumford equalising

Brisbane Road and the large erection with a dashing of East London rain and a steward at dusk

4 members of the Swansea branch of the fake metal bear strokers club

One of the many thousand booze related pictures of the day

I am not sure what the reason behind the 'putting a paper bag on your head and running up and down the train shouting Swansea songs' was about.....

...but it soon caught on much to the bemusement of the Spurs fans and everyone near us on the train

Nomad talks to some other Swans fans whilst his mate fills in with the 'falling asleep whilst pissed' duites

Nothing to do with the Swans game - The meal everyone in Lower East Swansea eats at 5pm on a Sunday.