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January 5th 2002 - Lincoln City
With the events taking place off the field the teams performance has almost become irrelevant and with an uncertain future ahead, most fans are thankful that the games are even taking place.

Yesterday saw the first direct protest which led to Real Radio's coverage being taken off air and the peacefull protesters being ejected from the stadium on the order of the puppet currently in charge,
Don Goss.

This is a message to Don Goss and all associated with Tony Petty, yesterday was just the start, we will fight you through whatever means are neccessary! Good will always over come evil, our day will come and you will all get your cummupance whether it is delivered during your time on earth or by the man donwstairs is up to you...

Respect goes to LW,G,Ji,B,JA,T,Pa cheers Reeco
Where they lead others must follow

There is a light at the end of the tunnel...