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May 13th - FAW Finals Eastern Bloc Bluebird Dwarfs v Swans
Well this game was broadcast live on BBC2 and every domestic TV channel in the USA and was also featured heavily in just about every newspaper and television programme the next day (including Masters of the Universe) so there is no need to write a report I think. JUst enjoy the pics!

We smuggled the guy in Illawarra Steelers top back from Wollongong, Australia in Slipon's beard

Carefull the dwarfs don't mistake those crutches for stilts

The dwarfs favourite flag

Sam's favourite flag The dwarfs 2nd favourite flag

One bus convoy which didn't add to the population of Butetown

Carefull not to unclench those fists now...

Their tv programme no longer popular, Chips were given the task of escourting our bus to the Eastern Bloc

Nev and Nige with soft drink 'Tango' - why didn't I think of this?

Yes, there are 2 police bikers

The first Cardiff fans we saw were of suprisingly average height

Upon arrival, we are quickly shepherded past the dwarfs to our left into a pen within the Theatre of Dwarfs by the Force

The stadium was packed but due to a large percentage of Cardiff fans being dwarfs all you could see was blue seats in some sections of the ground

'Welcome to Cardiff': A large flag featuring a dragon strangling a Swan and a personal greeting from Gary Glitter and his crew.

When the game finished we were slowly shepherded out of our pen to an area within reach of the dwarfs stones - good work SWP!

Some of the boys celebrate leaving the Eastern Bloc without contracting a fatal disease or losing any height

Goodbye Cardiff Dwarfs