Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas is arguabley Swansea's greatest export and aside from General Bob Slipon, Swansea's most famous son. Typically though, if you ask any Jack about Dylan Thomas they probably wont be able to tell you much about him and I am no exception.

Aside from from knowing that he died of alcohol poisoning in the Chelsea Hotel in New York ater beating his personal best drinking record by downing 18 double whiskies and that there is a pub in the Enterprise Zone named after him and a centre dedicated to him and his work in the Maritime Quarter, I know very little so I have provided some links to some of the better Dylan Thomas sites online.

Whilst researching for this page I came across this poem which is quite amusing and relevant:

"One: I am a Welshman;
two: I am a drunkard;
three: I am a lover of the human race,
especially of women."

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