Swansea - The Car City and ex Car Crime Capital of Europe
Swansea's links with cars go way back to the days John the Baptist use to bomb down Constitution Hill in his XR2i and a bit before.

Aswell as being home to the DVLA (thats where you get your drivers licenses from incase you didn't know), Swansea is also home to some fine streches of roads in which you can drive your car in a sensible manner and under the speed limit alongside a like minded individual. Swansea has also been awarded the title of 'Car Crime Capital of Europe' and had a movie based on car theft (Twin Town) filmed on its streets.

This page aims to provide stories and pictures featuring some of the areas mentioned above and some other related transport tales gathered from various sources. This page will be constantly updated so call back soon and you may see your car on these pages.

DVLA Building
Looking like something from the Costa Del Sol, the DVLA building can be viewed from miles around and acts like a magnet which attracts car criminals from around the world to Swansea.

The below was found by typing 'Swansea' and 'Car crime' into a search engine
The bumper sticker 'No radio already stolen' reminds me of a supposedly true story from
Swansea, UK (the car crime capital of Europe 1997):

Man has car broken into outside his house and the radio stolen. He replaces
the radio, and next week he has that stolen too. He replaces the replacement
radio, and a few days later finds the window smashed and the new radio gone.

Totally pissed off, he leaves the radio slot in the car empty, and puts a
notice in the front window: "Don't bother breaking in radio stolen".

He finds the car next morning with the driver's window smashed and a note on
the front seat: "Just checking".

Car Crime #1
The colour and model of car is a major priority for all seasoned Swansea car thieves.

Car Crime #2
Another major concern is which window to smash in first.

Car Crime #3
After use, the borrows car is either burnt out or dumped. Here we see a Vauxhall Cavalier on a busy roundabout in Swansea Enterprise Zone.

Car Crime #4
If the fiestas on the road nearest having their wheel trims nicked wasn't enough then some punk has also been pulled over by the force on the road the otherside of the trees where llwynog lives.

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