Twin Town
In a word - Immense! The best (only?) film to have come out of Swansea and probably my favourite film and one i must have seen about 27 times, comes strongly reccommended indeed. If this flick fails to amuse you you must either be some jealous reprobate from the Eastern Block (Cardiff) or have been born a deaf and blind priest.

Twin town is a black comedy based in Swansea which tells the tale of two young tearaways and their illegal and drug fuelled exploits. The story centres around the twins father roofer, Fatty Lewis breaking his leg whilst working on local tycoon Bryn Cartwright's rugby club and the twins efforts to get even after Bryn refuses to pay out any decent componsation.

The plot involves stolen cars, copius amounts of weed, bent coppers, OAP's exchanging prescription drugs for magic mushrooms, caravans, arson, massage parlours, scalelectrix, karaoke, the murder and funeral of a poodle and much more.

Do yourself a favour and get the film and find out what Swansea is all about.