Key Information

Swansea "The All Whites" were founded in 1873 and later became one of the eleven founder clubs of the Welsh Rugby Union (1881).

Became RFC on 17/10/1874 - previously they had adopted association football rules.

Only from 1924/25 season did they play in 'all whites' - first game on 10/1/1925 - before then they wore blue shorts.

1st club side to beat all of the 'big 3' - Australia(1908), South Africa(1912), New Zealand(1935).

1st club side to beat New Zealand (1935).

Their home the world famous St. Helen's Ground was formerly an international ground (until 1954) and is probably equally famous as a cricket centre for Glamorgan County Cricket Club.

The Club has produced 146 Welsh internationals, Garin Jenkins 55, Robert Jones 54, Mervyn Davies 38, RM Owen 35, Dewi Bebb 34, WJ Bancroft 33, Geoff Wheel 32 and Clem Thomas 27 being amongst the most capped players of all time. Tony Swift and Mark Keyworth were capped for England whilst playing with the Club and similarly Lewis Dick for Scotland. Twenty Swansea players have represented the British Lions and four Swansea players, Robert Jones, Anthony Clement, Scott Gibbs and Richard Webster were with the 1993 Lions party in New Zealand, Scott Gibbs/South Africa 1997.

During season 1991/92 six Swansea players were included in all Welsh XV games a representation last achieved by Swansea in their 'golden era' of 1908.

Early halcyon days were during the period 1900/14 when the Club was invincible in 1905 and Welsh Champions 1911/12/13 - during the period 1900/14 on average not more than three games were lost per season.

Since the early 80's the Club has again enjoyed regular successes. 1982/83 was the most successful post war season with 40 wins in 47 matches. Seven-a-side football had not figured prominently in the Club's programme in the early years but a positive approach in recent seasons has resulted in success in this field also.

Swansea have regularly been awarded fixtures against overseas touring sides and have on various occasions during their history beaten New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. In recent seasons two exceptional performances were a 22-37 loss to the tenth New Zealand All Blacks (1989) and a 21-6 win over the l992 Australian tourists the then World Champions.

The Club has always been an ambitious tourist dating back to French visits in 1908 - in recent seasons there have been tours to the Far East 1979; California 1981; West Indies 1984; Kenya and Zimbabwe 1987; Florida 1990 and Canada 1992 - together with short tours to France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia, Ireland and Holland.

A new floodlighting system was installed in 1987 a renovation to the Clubhouse now marking it as one of the foremost in the British Isles, the top levels having numerous hospitality suites with views over the Bristol Channel.

Richard Moriarty who captained the Welsh World Cup side in New Zealand 1987 recently set up a Club record with 424 appearances for the first XV

Swansea RFC - The Great Whites
Aswell as Dyfatty Ladies Bowls Team and Swansea City AFC, Swansea is home to another world reknown team who unlike the two teams mentioned above are actually good at what they compete in - The Great Whites or Swansea Rugby Club.

Due to the sheer amount of carnage I witnessed/was part of in school playing rugby, I lost interest in the sport but after watching a few Swansea and Wales games last season and the Lions tour down under, I am now getting right back into it and intend on getting down St Helens and the Millennium Stadium a lot more this season so be sure to check back on this page regularly.

Below are some pictures taken during the final game of last season v Bridgend when Swansea were crowned league champions.

Aswell as the game itself being good to watch you also get quality entertainment off the field. Here is the whites mascot Fergal Sharky amusing the kids.
Here he is again amusing himself and everyone in the stands by performing a 'Hacksaw Jim Duggen' type bodyslam manouvre on the kid.

Another pic of Fergal this time with a load of cheerleaders who spent the entire game either jumping around or drinking absinthe in the ntl caravan thing.
Some action from the game which, despite the inclusion of John Devereux in the Bridgend side, Swansea won quite comfortably.a

This remote control car was used to deliver the kicking T's.
When I grow up I hope to get a job in this area.
Swansea once again on the attack. When the Whites score a sound system blasts out some tunes and on one occasion fireworks were let off!?

The end of the game sees the kid and his friends invade the pitch to get revenge on Fergal by putting him in a Boston Crab.
Whilst the Swans were relegated, the Whites are crowned champions