2/3/2002 Wales v Italia - The Arfon Haines Davies Promotion hits the Eastern Block
Below is a pictoral account of our day out in the big slum to watch Wales rout Italy.

The infamous Sizzles' Big Boy breakfast. What better way to start the day than burnt toast and luke warm tea?
Slipon with a certificate confirming his membership of the 'Cabbin crew' and that he is cockmag

The Prince of Wales pub, now home to the baldy eagle landlord who banned us from
the Potters Wheel and also some
interesting graffiti
Hair #3

Outlaw introduces the citizens of Cardiff to the world of Arfon
Slipon, Arfons and the voluntary Arfon distributer

Cardiff Fashion #1
A rare picture of human beings in Cardiff

Action #1
General Bob Slipon Zod manages to somehow evade airport security

Action #2
Outlaw adds some class to Cardiff in the form of Swansea bred urine

The Borough pub, home to quite a few Arfon's and located near a window with a naked chunky person in it (top right)
Cardiff Fashion #2 & Slipon, Jedi knight at fashion

The Arfon distribution continues
The results of having a large wad of..Arfons

We spun this bloke out by telling him we would protect him and that he was in grave danger from the force
A strange wooden duck wind thing, nothing to do with Wales v Italy