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The Rocking Sikh Peter Singh
Peter Singh, like many others who live within the boundaries of the City and County of Swansea, is completely off his swede.

Peter is well liked in Swansea and is reknown for owning a curry house on Waun Wen Road called Gracelands and for bursting into City Centre pubs at strange times (i.e. 12.08pm) totally bollocksed, acting like Elvis constantly and for coming out with memorable quotes.

One such incident took place a few weeks back when a group of people I know were having a Tuesday lunchtime drink in the Quadrant Gate when all of a sudden an inebraited Peter Singh bursts in, starts dancing and announces to the whole pub "don't worry boys I'm not a niggar, I'm one of you!" and then follows this by pulling up a chair next to my mates and doing non stop elvis impersonations and calling everyone that walked past a "bloody foreigner!?"

Interesting scenes indeed and makes you wonder what the UK/other countries would be like if more of the immigrants adopted Peter's attitude and whilst being proud of their own culture and heritage tried to adapt more to their new countries way of life. As the old saying goes "when in Rome do as the Romans do" and I'm sure if people stuck to this principle there would be far less problems in the world.

Anyway, here is an amusing article I found whilst researching this page. Thanks to whoever wrote it and involuntary allowed me to produce it here:

If you're sick to death of your average Elvis impersonators then take a look at Peter Narinder Singh!! He is the world's one and only Sikh Elvis

He came to Birmingham back in 1955 aged just nine years old when he was already impressed by 'The King'. He re-located to Swansea and eventually opened a curry house / chip shop but his burning desire to emulate his hero remained.

So he gave it all up to pursue his dream, complete with rhinestone studded white outfit, diamante clad turban and belt with a buckle the size of a chappati and a Swansea accent, he embarked on his new career!

He has taken his act on the road along with his ever faithful troupe and they've toured eleven different countries and are slowly building up a steady following.

Presley songs that they've re-written include 'Turbans over Memphis' and 'My Poppadum Told Me'. He has very nearly bridged two continents with lyrics like: "I don't smoke dope, I don't drink Bourbon, All I wanna do is shake my turban!"

In the highly competitive world of Elvis impersonators, one thing is for sure, no matter what makes you rock, you will definitely never encounter anything like Peter again!! He might not be the only 'Memphis mimic' but he is certainly the only turban clad one!