Enough is Enough - Petty Update
Below is a plea from lifelong Swansea fan and one of the greatest contributers to local football at all levels, Stephen Rees (Reeco). I urge all of you (who have, just by reading this proven your interest in Swansea/football)) to do as the man says and offer your support in whatever way you can. Life is all about circles and what goes around comes around so remember that before you click on the 'x' or type in 'www.worldsex.com'. Diolch.

My name is Stephen Rees (Reeco) I am nobody special. I am a Swansea City supporter and have been for 24 years. I have been really annoyed at way that Tony Petty has treated Swansea City, the players and their proud supporters with contempt since his arrival. We all know what he has done so I won't go into that, bit I think he is not acting in the best interests of Swansea City FC.

I have been forced into making a stand against Petty. I am calling for legal direct action to show him how much we actually dislike him being the owner of Swansea City Football Club. I decided to call a fans meeting for the 3rd January venue The Patti Pavillion 7.00 pm start with everybody welcome to attend, only stipulation being you are a supporter of Swansea City, have an interest in the clubs survival or just want to voice your opinion. This meeting is for all fans of all ages to have a chance to organise action directed at Tony Petty and his regime. To start off the direct action we shall discuss on the night the legal protest which will be taken, this will only be discussed on the night, also I am going to organise a petition for all Swansea City fans to sign and will present it to Tony Petty myself. The petition will show Tony Petty that the undersigned, Swansea City fans will be showing and stating by signing the petition
A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in Tony Petty and his regime.

There is one question I would like to ask all Swansea City fans: How much does this proud club's survival mean to you ? When you ask yourself this question do it in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes because if you do nothing about it now then you know who to blame when the club dies. Don't go looking to blame anybody for having a go. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

I ask all business people not to even consider doing business with Tony Petty.
Tony Petty in my opinion does not care about Swansea City Football Club he is just here to make a fast buck. If the club dies he won't care he will just say oops ! made a mistake never mind and go and find some other sucker to make money off.
To all the Swansea City fans having a go at Tony Petty and his regime on Phil Sumblers Jackarmy.net and Gary's Martins Unofficial Website, in The Evening Post, on Swansea Sound and Real Radio this is your chance to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. Talk is very cheap indeed and now action is needed to make Tony Petty realise that he and his regime are about as welcome in Swansea City Football Club as a thorn bush in a nudist colony and the sooner he realises it the better.

In all my years as a footballer supporter I have never before heard about football fans trying to sabotage their own club by tampering with locks, attacking the owner of the clubs car, painting `Petty Out` on the Vetch Field playing surface. Surely if you were the Chairman of that club you would have to ask yourself why am I doing this. If this was me I would have to act with pride, dignity and honour and hand the club over to Mel Nurse and the Consortium because they actually care what happens to Swansea City Football Club. In life sometimes you have to do the right thing to get respect. I Hope Tony Petty will do the right thing. AS I SEE IT THIS IS THE LAST THROW OF THE DICE. IT IS ALL OR NOTHING. IT'S TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

Who are we? JACKARMY!

Disclaimer: I would like to state that this has nothing to do with The Supporterst Trust.I cannot and will not accept the responsibility of any group or individual the breaks the law.

Now go to this address: http://gopetition.com/info.php?petid=631 and do your bit to help.

TWAT - The War Against Tony. Visit this site now:: http://www.geocities.com/al4366/