12/8/01 - The unofficial king of Wales, Mayor of Swansea and head of Rhyl Environment & Health Department & the guy who fills in for God on bank holidays. nominated by all
This should be hero of a lifetime. This man is more influential on modern day life than Jesus was in his prime. Need I say more? Arfon we salute you and your hamster!


12/7/01 - Ernesto Tino Diiulio nominated by all true shaggers
For perfecting the art of tit biting in front of a crowd and for being the Welsh/Italian Mike Tyson and for having nice nails


1/7/01 - Australian crocodile/snake/ lethal animal hunter and complete nutcase Steve Irwin nominated by Jam
For being Steve Irwin. Who else on this planet (aside from General Zod) would peg it down a river to save a 4ft long monitor lizard from being knawled by an crocodile (being bitten by the monitor in the process), then later paddle down the river Nile in a flimsy canoe past hundreds of mating, aggresive hippos and then after surriving those life threatening situations go out catching crocodiles in the dark!?

Steve Irwin is completely off it and his shows are probably the best programmes on tv at the moment so keep an eye out. I can't wait to visit his zoo later this year.


12/8/01 - Yoda nominated by all
Despite being one of the top brass in the ways of the force, Yoda did little or fuck all to prevent Arfon from sliding down from being a key member of HTV to someone who's messes with plums and veg at 3.02pm in the afternoon. Yoda you are a fucking prick and you need to leave off the bong and get arfon back on our screens at a respectable hour pronto!


12/7/01 - The Pissed Reprobate
Marco DiIulio
nominated by everyone in the City Centre between the hours of 5pm and 2am
For believing he must tranform into Lou Ferrino after 3.56 pints and for trying to mimic the General Bob Slipon Zod's fashion style in the pic above.

1/7/01 - The Cockleland Outlaw Pantslord Ryall Jones nominated by G Zod
For disservices to logic, for his dedication to selling pants and for
claiming he could not raise a few hundred quid to come to Paris, but somehow
a week later is able to find 5k for a motorbike which he is unable to use as he has not got a licence.