The Mumbles Railway
Swansea is a City of 'used to haves.' We used to have a football team in division 1, we used to have a stuffed bear in the centre of town, we used to have a carved devil in a shopping centre opposite a church, we used to have a bayfull of oysters (Oystermouth Road), we used to have the title of 'Copper Capital of the World', we used to have aardvarks roaming wild on Kilvey Hill and we used to have the most spectacular railway in the world. Well one of them anyway!

Although most people in the UK would relate Swansea to transport due to the fact that the DVLA is based here, I dont suppose 1/2654497ths of these people knew that Swansea was home to the first ever passenger train in the world. I wouldn't blame them though as I didn't know myself until I started putting this site together.

Sadly having no grey hairs downstairs I was not around during the days of the tram but after reading about it's history and - thanks to the cunts at the council - its demise, I, along with Nigel at Swansea Til I die, are going to launch a petition calling for the return on the Mumbles Railway or the installation of a Mono-Rail. Please go here to sign the petition and for further details.

To find out more about the history of the tram go to this excellent site here.

The world's first passenger railway.

The tram takes the scenic route back to the City Centre along the picturesqe
sea front.

The tram in all its glory