Swansea Scene Merchandise
Due to popular demand and a lorry full of t-shirts and printing equipment being done over in Bonymaen*, we are now able to offer...well direct you to a site that offers some exclusive merchandise. Initially the exclusive merchandise will be only t-shirts but in time we...the site hopes to be able to offer mugs, posters, replicas of Teabag's hat and whatever you want basically so be sure to call back often.

Full range of merchandise can be seen here: aardvark cymru

Achtung! Halt!
We are now able to offer a very limited amount of General Bob Slipon Zod's actual used Y-fronts! These classy, cockle printed grits are all in XL and come free with a variety of stains such as cheese, spunk and excrement. They cost £36.78 each and take can also be used as a parachute.