Where is Swansea?
Although most people classed as human and who have the ability of sight know exactly where Swansea, (tourist capital of the world) is, there are a few people (mainly Americans) who do not so this page has been created for them.

Swansea is in West Wales which (again for the benefit of our American friends) is to the left of the map of 'London, England.' I cannot be arsed to put a globe on here or even a map of Britain as the directions above should be enough to inform you where the place is so I have just included a map of the City Centre to show you where key places such as Wind Street and the Kingsway (Home of Teabag)and the the Vetch are.

I will be adding to this page in the near future so if maps are your thing then call back but in the meantime if you wish to know where something is e.g where exactly Pantslord Ryall Jones slipped and cracked his head open on a dead pigeon when in pursuit of me is then email me.