Glastonbury 2000
I have absolutely no recollection of when any of these were taken but I think they are pretty good refelction of what the Glastonbury festival is all about. Thanks to Nigel Swansea Til I die for some of the pics used.

Pyramid Stage with us not realising the stage is behind us

One of the few occasions we were
able to stand
A more familiar situation - fuck the bands let's get off it!

Tino drinks the juice of a cows testicle
Nige requests some spiritual assistance to get through and produces a log big enough to sit on

Nev decides some heat is needed and
starts off a trend and a few explosions in the process
Still alive and up for it on Sunday night!
Fuck knows how!

Reggie waves goodbye to his mind
Nev & Scuv wave goodbye to another Glastonbury