Den Haag 2002 - Swans Pre-Season Tour
These photos were taken at various places at various states of intoxication in what was the most incident packed few days I think I can remember.More details of the trip shall be published when they are remembered but in the meantime have a gander at the pics below and/or email me if you want any specific pics big as there are over 204 which didn't make this page for various reasons.....

Luton has better pipes than Amsterdam
While our plane was taking off we were in the bar impressing the skinny woman on the right with our flag

General Bob Slipon Zod manages to somehow get on a plane
This girl for some reason sat next to Slipon for nearly 1hour without payment

The 3 of us pissed but actually on the
correct plane
Our main form of transport throughout
the vacation

Our Spanish room 'mates' were given a present upon our arrival
We eventually made it to the bar where a lot of the jacks were. Well 2 of us did, 1 was propelled 200ft in the area in a bungee ball with a Dutch woman upon arrival

Upon arrival in the bar we were greeted by Mark the Swansea Lobster Man
and a load of other jacks in conventional Swansea vacation wear

Shortly after Gail bit Lee's ear...
Slipon turned into Ben Reid, the Incredible Thing and I turned into Steven Hawkings, the Incredible Mong

Ryall is hown how to drink by an 11 year old under Arfon's eye
Ear biting triggered many different responses

The cause of the Dutch landlady's forthcoming world cruise
Slipon with strange 'Witch from the Wizard of Oz' legs

Patricia's bar: home to many Jack flag ..
..and berts final resting place...

Aswell as Ben Reid, the Incredible Thing, another Marvel character was in the area
The twin ground of Halfway Park: scene of the Swan's defeat to a Belgium outfit

The most exciting action seen on the park for Swans fans
Lyn, Lyn gave us a grin

Typical example of the sort of photo you find on the street in Holland...
Typical example of the sort of Welsh people you find in Holland

Trev in action
Balancing competiton proved tricky for some

Can't explain this one...
...or remember taking this one

Slipon adds Holland to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France as places where he has urinated in public
Rose gets inspected by the Jack Army...

Before being led away (much to everyone's delight)...
and swept off her feet by the Outlaw

Ring a Ring of Roses...
...another toilet full of crap

To prevent the Spanich from nicking his bed, Slipon installed some security .
Guess who visited the Cafe and who didn't...

...and again....
...and again

The strange tall building near our hostel/Red Light District which thankfully Slipon and Ryall did not visit until the day we left
2 people attached to a side of a building and a bird in Amsterdam

Various dead birds and Lawrence Bailey in Amsterdam
Despite being a feared fighting force, the SAS have things to learn about camoflauging their planes

Slipon's bag of porn and a fish cushion type
of thing
Slipon's patch

An english seaside town taken from the correct plane
English shit - commonly known as service station food

Dutch sperm on chips
Especially for Lee