Competition - Win a Prize
Due to the wonders of sponsorhip, we are now able to offer you the picture looker a chance to win a prize! Yes, its true Bonymaen folk, you are now able to have something without paying and without worrying about the boys in bluel being on your case.

This months competition prize sponsored by West Wales Print is a 'This is Swansea' t-shirt. The prize goes to the individual who sends in the best or worst Swansea related poem, picture, story or whatever. Email your entries here.

This months entries are shown below:

A night out in the Shitty City
(A poem in six stanzas) - by Johnsy

Tattooed Sheila who squats in Penlan
thirsted for the cock of some man
so she smeared her tits
with cockles and chips
and her twat with some fish from a can

Now Barmpot was out on the town
Full of sherry and cheap Merrydown
He sniffed "Cockle Surprise"
His cock started to rise
His mingeometer had not let him down

He grabbed her and ran for the taxi
a shit coloured brown Austin Maxi
when she shouted out loud
"You know Luv I'm not proud
If you want you can scuttle my Jacksey!!"

Tatooed Shiela was less than discrete
As two bystanders watched from the street
She called out "Slipon Zod
If you fancy my bod
or if not I'll have you Teabag Pete"

Barmpot starting to sober thought "Wooah!"
Shag her? The answer is "NO!"
I'm no Pantslord Jones
about that make no bones
I'd rather shag any old Smutto!

The moral is hereby presented
Your mingeometer will act demented
If the girl it points out
manufactures her clout
and her minge with tinned fish has been scented!