Arfon Haines Davies - The most complete human being alive is to be the new National Coach of Welsh Rugby
A brief skip past Cefn Coed today proved much more productive than normal as not only did we get to see all the 'aeroplanes' in the yard at recreation time but we also overheard one of them say that 'Get Gardening!' presenter, President of Wales, vice-chairman of this site, the infamous, undisputed world jib pulling champion and furthest Wheelchair thrower 1972-67, Arfon Haines-Davies is interested in becoming National Coach of Welsh Rugby!!!!!

This is fucking immense news and I cracked open a can of Lager & Lime Top Deck as soon as I was able to as this means that we have a worthy replacement for Graham Henry and that soon the Welsh will once again lead the rugby world!

Let the good times roll and show your support by printing out the image to the left (featuring the man himself breaking a Steven Hawkings tackle whilst representing the LIons) and displaying it in your nearest Hyper Value: