The definitive picture of Arfon and one the entire world will recognise. To read more about the effect this picture has had on the earth go here.

During his breaks from gardening, arfon has represented Wales and Britain in every sport (including fly fishing). Here we see Arfon representing the British Lions for whom he scored 38 tries in 4 games before retiring from rugby to concentrate on his bear wrestling.

Arfon during his audition for the role of leadman in the classic 'Debbie does Cwmbran'. Arfon was to later turn down the role to concentrate on his aardvark grooming

Chris Gilling with the Welsh Shore caught Pollack record. The fish, upon heairng from an octopus that Arfon was in the area, jumped on Chris' hook for a closer look and was unceremoniously murdered by Arfon via a 6inch punch.

Arfon in 2002 - Still cool as fuck and leading the way!


Arfon Haines Davies - The most complete human being alive & that has ever existed
Arfon Haines Davies is truly superb and a credit to the human race. All of the world's acheivements and disasters are somehow linked to the Arfonster as the pics to the left prove without any shadow of doubt.

Words really cannot begin to describe this individual so I won't do him the injustice as to try. Below his Arfon's mortal biography taken from the HTV website who Arfon for some mysterious reason has chosen to lend his services to.

This page will no doubt incur much updation so in the meantime, print off the flyer to the left and display it everywhere and anywhere to show the mortals of the world that God, Steven Hawkins and Mohammed are but pawns in the universal game of chess and that Arfon is the way, the truth and the life and would batter anything that Chewbacca has to offer on that galactic chess game of his.

Arfon Haines Davies is one of HTV Wales' main presenters.Arfon joined HTV as a continuity announcer in 1975. During his career he has presented a wide variety of programmes including the marathon ITV Telethon programmes in 1988, 1990 and 1992.

Arfon is proud of the variety of programmes he's had the opportunity of being involved with over his 27 years with HTV, including children's programmes, rock and classical music, sports programmes ranging from show jumping to snooker, darts, football and rugby. Arfon was also a news presenter with HTV's'Wales at Six'.

Among the programmes he has recently presented are the holiday programme 'Awaydays' and the gardening programme 'Get Gardening!'. He was also the presenter/producer of 'Moneyspinners' which featured collectable items of all kinds and produced 'Inspirations' the style/design series. He is
currently presenting 'Remember', a series recalling the big events of years gone by.

Arfon has also presented numerous programmes on S4C such as 'Pacio', 'Penbiwydd Hapus' and introduced a new series of the programme 'Cledrau Coll' - the forgotten railways of Wales.

He was born in Caernarfon and educated at Trinity College, Carmarthen and the Central School of School of Speech and Drama, London.His interests include tennis and steam trains. He is married with one daughter.