Swansea Bay 10k Race Setember 2001
A spur of the moment, foolish decision saw me line up with my bald eagle workmate and 3,000+ other entrants in this year's annual Swansea Bay 10k run. I really have got no idea why I entered this race as I gave up going to the gym before christmas last year, have done virtually fuckall exercise this year and am hardly in the Steve Cram mould but I did and here are the pics to prove it.

I didn't decide to run this race till early September so my preperation was far from great and basically consisted of 3 gym sessions where I managed to do a total of about 12 miles and a Carling Premier session the night before the race which isn't recommended I tell you!

After managing to run 5k/3 miles in under 28 mins (the pro's run the entire 10k in this time) I was hoping to do the 10k in an under 1 hour but due to a general state of unfitness and the previous nights Carling Premier Session, I eventually fell over the line after 1hr and 4minutes of running, walking and crawling and to add to the pain I discovered that a shit load of people over 60 year's old had whipped my ass and that Tea Cosie Pete had also beaten me.

Nevermind there is always next year...

Well I never thought running could be such a great spectator sport but today's event was on a par with the Swans performances this season - absolute class! Special mention must go to 1 wheelchair athlete and the guy who despite being born before the last ice age still competed in the race and managed to build up 1500 metre distance between himself and the person who was last but one within 2 minutes, absolute genius!.

The race was preceded by a fine display of stretching and post shaking.
Here we see the reason why there were so many runners from areas rife in starvation

The race begins.....
and bampa soon builds up an excellent trail.

with just about everyone leaving him in their wake
An ambulance and riot van followed gramps closely incase he kicked off and a council van snailed behind him collecting cones in the vain hope of opening the road sometime before 7pm

2001 pics

Chris 'the race begins at 1.30pm' pictured at 12.58pm - 2 minutes before the start!
Barely able to stand me even before the race began! Wonky number too!

One of the pre-race favourites
We decided to give everyone a headstart but soon regretted this decision after but a few minutes.

Chris after 5k - not a trace of sweat. The pic of me at this stage is unprintable due to children accessing this site.
'Beautifull scenary'

These people were actually ahead of me for a short time but fortunately I somehow managed to pass them - thankfully
No race is complete without the presence of one of the Teabag clan camping next to a popular, public highway.

Me after the race - totally bollocksed!
Chris after the race - ready to run
another 10k!

Swansea's second best fisherwoman dips over the line for 2341 place

The eventual winner realising he's
30 acres in front of his rivals strolls
the last few metres

The race winner, Old McDonald Tracker Lucies Lamb Chop burners looks at me in disbelief after witnessing my running
The cheap plastic medalist and the cheap plastic medalist winners

Is this Teabag having a wash or what?
Why is someone fully dressed in the sea? This is not a triathlon
After running over 6miles the last thing you want is a bloody stairway to heaven - well Uplands - scenario