The Gallery
We reckon Morph and Tony Hart have the right idea so in tribute to them we have decided to produce our very own gallery. This page will (if any of you fuckers send me anything) display a cross section of photographs, drawings, poems, songs and other Swansea related media.

Please email all contributions to me here. The best monthly contribution will win a free day's pigeon culling with Morph down by St Mary's church.

The Docks & City Centre
A view of the once flourishing docks now home to one solitary ship which by constantly failing safety checks is doing its best to get out of here. In this picture you can also see the effects of the blitz i.e shit buildings..
Marriot, Vetch Field & County Hall
Here we see a range of interesting buildings from the award winning Marriot hotel on the left to the white County Hall (the best thing the council have built) to the architects and football fans nightmare!

Here by very popular demand.
French Maids, Wind Street
Swansea is a very popular drinking destination for the French Maids of
La Rochelle East.

Bruce's Band, Ellingtons
Ellingtons is one of the very few live music venues in Swansea and Bruce's band are one of the few bands worth listening to that play there. Most of the other bands that play there would think nothing of eating your slugs.
Swan Chase, Marina
The Swan on the left was far from impressed with the other swans efforts to grip his bird so constantly chased him around the Marina until he bugered off.

The Big Apple, Mumbles
Ever wondered why New York, USA is sometimes known as 'The Big Apple'? Well wonder no more. George Washington once saw the shop/attraction above during a camping holiday in Gower and copied the name.
Graffiti, River Tawe
An unsuccessful days fishing on the
River Tawe left Ghengis Khan with no option but to let his feelings be known
to the world.This phrase can often be
heard throughout the world and now you know its origins.

Oxfam, City Centre
Swansea's most popular shop and where Catherine Zeta Jones buys all her stuff.
Swansea Prison, Oystermouth Road
Home to some of Swansea's most intelligent people and a place feared by all criminals due to it's location...near the Vetch! So if spending your days sewing fishing nets and waring stripes isn't bad enough you also get to watch the Swans.

Gibbon Sign, S.I.H.E 1997
Especially for the cayote gonad tickler from USA. A superb sign and some superb graffitti. 'Craigs so prick' -
KIngsway Tunnels
One of Teabag's haunts and ex home to that white haired busker who used to commute everyday from Carmarthen...wonder where he is now? Prob in 5 star or something!

Christmas 2001 in Wollongong
Not realising that myself and Slipon have long since left the country, God continues setting the bush on fire in places where we could be in the hope of destroying us.
Christmas 2001 in Swansea
Whilst Wollongong burns, Swansea freezes and gives its residents an authentic white Christmas - well boxing day.