Harry pictured before a night out in the Penlan Social Club

Harry socialising with some Portmead penguins in the Penlan Social Club toilets

Harry's 'High Ways'
Exclusive! Read about Harry's secret life before he hit the big time

Sir Harry Secombe
Hmm there are probably 6 clawed lobsters living off the coast of Fishgaurd that know as much as i do about Sir Harry.

The only things I know about SHS are that he used to watch the Swans games for free by leaning a ladder against the East Terrace (christ knows how many times he must have fallen off that ladder in utter disbelief at the shit play on display) and that he was responsible for numerous damages to ear drums whilst his 'Highways' programme was on the box.

Here is one of the better items to come from Adelaide Street which I feel does the man more justice than I ever could:

SIR Harry Secombe was a natural clown and one of Britain's best-loved entertainers.

He had a genius for slapstick and buffoonery and was a founder of one of Britain's most revered comedy shows, The Goon Show.

Whether he was Neddy Seagoon, Sir Cumference or just plain Harry Secombe, his falsetto giggles spilling through to an inevitable raspberry were unmistakable.

But he was also a singer with a classical tenor voice that sometimes moved people to tears, an actor, a writer and a tireless charity worker.

Sir Harry was held in great affection by his peers as well as fans, who included royalty and prime ministers such as Lord Harold Wilson and John Major.

In later years, however, he became best known for his Sunday night programme, Highway, a "God-slot" show he began for Tyne Tees television in 1983.

It was a series he had great affection for, meeting people doing worthy things for the community, from nurses to politicians.

Here is some more info on big H by someone who must be deaf - "fondly remembered for his fine Welsh tenor voice, which made the music of Christian praise a thing of beauty" - whoever wrote this cannot be for real!

Sir Harry Secombe (1921-2001) - Known and loved around the world as Neddie Seagoon, Sir Harry Secombe must take the credit or the blame for defining comedy for a generation. He and his Goon Show mates Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, and Michael Bentine made radio comedy not merely an art form but a language, a culture... a religion!

Sir Harry will also be fondly remembered for his fine Welsh tenor voice, which made the music of Christian praise a thing of beauty and found true glory in the music of the male voice choir. He was knighted in 1981. The very model of a jolly fat man, his brand of jollity was a powerful thing, which taught by example that life is a thing to cherish and to celebrate. He died at the age of 79, a victim of prostate cancer. In the words of Prince Charles, himself a devoted fan, 'He will be profoundly missed by all those people who appreciate wit and unmalicious humor.'