It is official, Cardiff is the dwarf mecca of the world! 13.06% dwarfage
within 23 minutes of ButeTown - Midhurst, Sussex only 9.9%

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The big red dot on the British Isles - which incidentaly is clearly visible from the Endor Moon - signifies Cardiff, Land of the Dwarfs


Welcome to Cardiff City, Land of the Dwarfs. The place where fantasy not reality is important


The dwarfs can often be seen 'ayatollahering' in recognition that their promotion chances are dead


The success of the film 'Willow' and the money some Cardiff fans made while working in
Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory funded the transfer of Graham Kavanagh from Stoke


So Sam 'Old Goat Rug Eyebrows' Hammam was misquoted all along...

Dwarf gang wars make Cardiff an awful place to visit especially during the mating season

Cardiff's 'Top Boy' is in fact a scrubber dwarf from ButeTown


Shirley Bassey, the tallest ever 'woman' from Cardiff, celebrates Cardiff's win over Leeds Utd
with some members of the Bute Town Supporters Club


The travelling Blue Army have a reputation for taking over towns. Here we see Dai Bridgend from Bridgend
standing menacingly outside the entrance of Harry's Gay Bar in Rochdale


The only record Cardiff are ever likely to break


The main foe of this site, Armchair Blue, tries to justify his
continuous mundane messages and 24/7 presence on the internet.


This was a mystery for many a year but now the truth is out!
Revealed: God and style icon to all Cardiff fans - Shakin Stevens - was, like most Bluebirds,
a dwarf but used a strange silver thing to propell himself to the height of an average man


A pic of reknown Swans fan Gargemel and some Bute CCFC fans taken after Cardiff's last game against Swansea City.


Following the closure of the mines, most dwarfs in Cardiff have resorted to living in bins


Leo Fortune West and local boy Nathan Blake - most CCFC fans' dream strike force


Hammam Tele Vision issued the above message shortly after Cardiff's 'shocking' defeat to Stoke City


"He lived his life as a tramp but owned a house in the Grangetown area of the city" - is Grangetown really that bad?
Perhaps this is the real reason behind the abnormal proportion of dwarfs in Cardiff- the natives are so ashamed of their habitat
that they just don't want to be seen by anyone???


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