Mobile casino progressive jackpots that all players should be aware o

It can be argued that the biggest appeal with regards to online slots is progressive jackpots. Pushing the boundaries of the level of prize that the game genre can offer, more and more players are committing time to playing these simply gargantuan games. In days gone by progressive jackpots were the exclusive property of the desktop realm, but there has been a shift in dynamic that has recently occurred. It seems that the mobile-based platform have begun to host progressive jackpot games, which is giving online casino players a brand new way to play. The following is a small selection of progressive jackpot games that are mobile based and are well worth the attention of anyone who likes to gamble.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is widely considered to be the crème de la crème of progressive slot games, with players simply raving about it on Europe’s premiere online casino portals. Played for the best part of a decade by millions around the world, it can be argued that Mega Moolah represents Microgaming’s finest work to a certain extent. How it has managed to reach to such a high degree of notoriety has come through its all-round entertaining online slots experience, along with its mammoth sized payouts. While it only features 5-reels and 25-paylines, this is a game that certainly makes the best of what’s available. Making sure that this game is adapted for the new mobile era, the game has been made available on both iOS and Android based mobile casinos. With Microgaming being one of the world’s leading software developers, there are plenty of promotions available on the many casinos they provide with games. By visiting you can find a whole list of Microgaming-operators and pick up a bonus offer that suits you.

The Dark Knight

Built upon a similar premise to Mega Moolah, The Dark Knight is a progressive slot game that gives players access to some seriously large prize payouts. What will surprise many is that this game is a rare licensed game that has progressive jackpot attached. Backed by official film imagery, The Dark Knight was a true visual spectacle upon release and still stands tall today. Featuring the far-reaching 243 ways to win payout system, The Dark Knight was an online slot game benchmark for licensed games. Not missing a beat, Microgaming quickly understood that the audience for this game stretched far beyond that of just the desktop realm. In now typical Microgaming fashion, The Dark Knight has been introduced to the mobile casino gaming realm. If you fancy stepping into the shoes of Batman and attempting to bring home some Gotham sized jackpots, then The Dark Knight is the game to play next time you are on the go.

Major Millions

While not as big a name as the above two games, a word must go out to Major Millions. Featuring 3 or 15 paylines depending on the version of the game you choose, this is a progressive jackpot game that has largely slipped under the radar upon release. Low-key in appearance, but bustling in bonuses, Major Millions is a mobile progressive slots game that really shouldn’t be passed over.

Hall of Gods

Taking pride and place amongst the NetEnt game catalogue is Hall of Gods, a game based upon classic Norse mythology. There is no denying that the theme isn’t anything special, but the gameplay certainly is. With big jackpots up for grabs and more than enough bonuses available to make grabbing them a reality, Hall of Gods is arguably NetEnt’s most impressive mobile progressive jackpot game to date.